When the Flu hits…

I saw it on sale for a buck a can awhile back and had to grab a few.

Ohhhh new label, nice job Campbell’s…I like it. Much needed and long overdo.

When you’re sick this still seems like an elixir from above. The first few spoons…you get it…your head starts to clear and you miss it since you last had it. Then you wish the carrots and celery were a tad more al dente. Then you understand that soft veggies are much better on the throat.

Then the salt hits. My tongue still feels like I licked a salt lick an hour later.

This stuff is like a cigarette for you ex-smokers. You’re excited and look forward to having it, but you’re disgusted with yourself after your done.

Then you look at the ingredients on the can. MSG and its derivates.  Then you remember the can is lined with PBA.

I feel like hitting my head Charlie Brown style.


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