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Beef Tenderloin Roasted In A Herb-Infused Salt Crust

Let’s get back to business.

This is the first time I ever made a salt crust for beef.  Just like those other unknowns, most of the time at least, it was much easier than anticipated.

You have to start 3+ hours before hand to make the dough, but it goes quick. The dough takes about 10 minutes to make then it rests for the next two hours…up to 24 hours if you like.  So you can get it knocked out then go on with your day.  I like those recipes and I’m getting more comfortable with them.

So this method for dough calls for an electric mixer with a paddle attachment…Yah, we don’t own one, it’s just never really comes up.  So I kneaded it by hand, just like the ceramic clay knead technique I learned in High School.  With just a little effort, the dough was spot on.

On to the Beef Tenderloin.

It came out amazing.  This recipe is a Holiday Dinner contender. It was that good.

The garlic mashed potatoes turned out to be a pain in the ass though, and I will look for other garlic mashed recipes. Oh well. I like garlic but this recipe called for 1 lb of garlic that gets boiled three times in three separate boiling baths (?), then you still have to shell and mash the garlic.  Too time consuming and no fun.

Served the broccoli with a little browned butter.

So did the salt crust make the beef too salty? Not at all, it was perfect. I shall never again get scared when I see a recipe call for 1 cup or more of salt.

Beef Tenderloin from Simply French – Patricia Wells and Joel Robuchon

Garlic mashed potatoes with parsley sauce from The Complete Robuchon

5 Stars for the  Beef Tenderloin

Never again on the garlic mashed potatoes

Letting the Beef rest after a quick sear, interesting technique.


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