Essential Pepin · La Regalade

Soup and Salad Wipeout

Over the falls and through the rinse cycle with tonight’s soup and salad (That was surfer jargon for falling at the top of the wave and having the wave ragdoll you for a bit)

Soup and Salad is so American, so semi-healthy, so what happened?

Cauliflower Soup

This recipe is from Essential Pepin, yep that Jacques we all know and love seeing on TV. This is when I scratch my head when I see curry powder in French recipes. Was curry a fad in France for awhile and you had to use it to please the masses and show you were forward thinking, universal and advant-guarde? I’ve never liked the use of curry in non Indian dishes and think this just sealed the deal. If I ever see it again, I will pass. Maybe it’s one of those jaded acquired tastes.

So I won’t ever be making Jacques’s Cauliflower soup again.  Sorry Jacques.

Shrimp Caeser Salad

This is from La Regalade Cookbook by Alain Raye.

We all love Caesar Salad, we all love Shrimp, we all love Bacon. What could go wrong? Sometimes too much of everything is just too much (Had to throw in a twist to a Grateful Dead reference)

It was just too overpowering, then with the parmesan on top, you’re looking for relief but in the form of water.

I could see how some people would love it and it was the restaurant La Regalade’s signature salad, but I dig the unaltered unadulterated classic.

The Caesar Salad was born just a few miles away from San Diego on Avenue Revolution Street in Tijuana.  One of my old stomping grounds and near and dear to my heart :). The classic Caesar is thing of beauty.


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