3 Stars · Beef Tenderloin · Julia Child · Mastering the Art of French Cooking · Tournedos

Oh Julia – Tournedos saute aux champignons

This is from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The book we all love, but not really hate, but realize we have evolved from. Which makes the book still extraordinary.

The dish was great but one factor threw it off. The use of tomato paste. It’s like throwing an old boot in stock. Yes, a kick is needed sometimes, but there are so many better methods to do it these days.

I am seriously thinking of getting rid of the frozen tablespoons of tomato paste balls in the freezer. Once this batch is gone…no more. It’s not worth it, especially when we are talking Filet Mignon’s or Tournedos.

Four stars at first because of the cut of beef. 3 1/2 stars because the paste brought the sauce down. It lingered and made itself too known throughout.

Not sure I’d do it again when thinking about the quality of the cut of beef…which is a rare occasion for us.

Happy Birthday From the West Coast Nana! We are thinking about you and all the amazing  dishes you made for us as we were growing up and you were exploring cooking 🙂


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