Duck Breast with Candied Figs

My girls go nuts for Duck.  Ever since their first bites as little ones, they went ravenous for it.

Whenever Costco has Duck in, I always splurge. The Duck does come with the standard orange spice glaze packets, but we never cared for it.  At $15 bucks, its so worth it, especially thinking going through a fast food joint would cost us over $25

I like using duck sauces and presentations from the cookbook I own for these Costco Ducks.

Tonight I used Eurodelices – Dine with Europe’s Master Chefs – Meat and Poultry

This sauce is out of this world with the duck.

The potato and candied figs were a pleasant surprise as well.

This cookbook can be a little tricky, once you get used to it, you’ll understand.  I always have to go the over the recipe a few times.  Not really for the beginner.  I do own all four in the set.  They rock!

5 Stars


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