5 Stars · Duck · Eurodelices - Dine with Europe's Master Chefs

Duck Breast with Candied Figs

My girls go nuts for Duck.  Ever since their first bites as little ones, they went ravenous for it.

Whenever Costco has Duck in, I always splurge. The Duck does come with the standard orange spice glaze packets, but we never cared for it.  At $15 bucks, its so worth it, especially thinking going through a fast food joint would cost us over $25

I like using duck sauces and presentations from the cookbook I own for these Costco Ducks.

Tonight I used Eurodelices – Dine with Europe’s Master Chefs – Meat and Poultry

This sauce is out of this world with the duck.

The potato and candied figs were a pleasant surprise as well.

This cookbook can be a little tricky, once you get used to it, you’ll understand.  I always have to go the over the recipe a few times.  Not really for the beginner.  I do own all four in the set.  They rock!

5 Stars

Duck Breast with Candied Figs. Eurodelices – Dine with Europes Master Chefs. Recipe by Michel Rochedy, France.


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