5 Stars · Chicken Breast · Mostly Mediterranean - Paula Wolfert

The Best Recipe I Will Never Do Again – Poached Chicken Auvergne Style. 

Oldest daughter – this tastes like Won Ton Soup, I love it.

Youngest daughter – this chicken is better than Fried Chicken.

Papa – This was a bitch to cook!  I almost gave up cooking for good on this one…but Wow!…I’ve never had anything like this before.

This is a planned dish. I thought I was doing well just getting the ingredients before hand and letting the bread firm up. How wrong I was. I really needed to read this dish before hand and plan. This is a weekend dish where you should start at 2:00 pm and not at 5pm thinking you have all the ingredients.

We didn’t eat until 8:30 and I rushed it.

I ended up using Napa cabbage which I luckily had on hand after I killed the regular cabbage. This is were I almost broke down. It was late, kids were hungry, and the cabbage wrap that came out of the boiling water fell apart. I couldn’t use it to seal in the stuffing around the chicken going into the broth. Disaster narrowly averted with the Napa Cabbage on hand and the reason why I questioned if I’d ever do it again…but…there are some stellar flavors in this dish.

Unreal unique dish. It’s just something I would never do again but would LOVE to sit down to after having someone else cook it.  Then again, it is so unique, maybe later down the road and using my original notes as a heads up, I could see myself giving it another go.

My wife knocked out some Brussel Sprouts to go with it. I also fried up the leftover stuffing in some egg wash and bread crumbs and used as an app with some tarragon “green” mayo I had in the fridge. Tasty.

From Mostly Mediterranean – Paula Wolfert

5 stars.


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