The French Vineyard Table - Georges Blanc

It tastes like Frog Legs!?!

I really do like frog legs. I’ve had them out a few times and cooked them once.

They are just really expensive at our local specialty butcher/market that I can never justify buying them. Being frozen takes away the impulse buy factor for me as well.

I do have a few recipes listed for them in my cookbooks and all look stellar. So why not try using chicken instead and see if they really do taste like chicken. 🙂

This recipe has been on my radar as well because of the mass amount of parsley required. Three bunches which turns out to be roughly 4 1/2 cups of loose/stemmed/ tightly packed parsley leaves. I always wanted to do something with the end of season/harvest for the last remaining shoots of parsley in the garden. This turned out to be a perfect use for them with some yellowed older leaves being no problem.

Dealing with the parsley took about 30 minutes alone. The rest of the recipe went smoothly but couldn’t figure out what to do with the shallots listed in the recipe. Typo?  Lost in translation?

For the record. Chicken doesn’t taste like frog legs. The chicken actually over powered the sauce and puree which I’m sure is perfect with the fried frog legs which are much more delicate.

I sauteed the chicken breasts in butter and oil after a dusting with flour and salt and pepper.

From The French Vineyard Table – Georges Blanc.


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