1 Star · Simple French Food - Robert Olney

My First One Star Rating. Onion Soup.

More specifically, “Grape Harvester’s Soup” from Simple French Food by Richard Olney.

So I won’t harp on this too much but if you’re a cookbook author, a famous one to boot, and give a treaties before hand on onion soup and its history and variations, you better supply a dang good rendition of one.

This one sorta sucked and had little depth.  If you keep me in the kitchen for two hours, bring it and make it worth it.

My favorite and the yard stick which I go by is Julia Child’s version. That one I love and have no problems taking the time with.

I added some Toast and Gruyere to see if that would save it on the second round, nope.

Poor Grape Harvester’s, I feel for you.

One redeeming feature of this recipe though is the simplicity of having slightly caramelized onions making a sweet broth, and featuring it. This stripped down version showcases the onion and to a lesser degree, sugar. I guess after spending a full day in the field, something sweet does taste good along with a bunch of bread to dip in. The computer and our new way of life killed this version of onion soup.


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