2 Stars · Beef Tenderloin · Le Bec Fin

They all can’t be 5 star recipes.

We had friends over for dinner and decided to pull out a book that has seriously delivered some amazing meals.  All have been 5 stars…up until tonight.  Both the soup and the main dish were less than stellar, actually ones I will never do again.

It was interesting doing these dishes and were fun to make in front of guests.

The beef broth had to be made a day beforehand and takes 5 hrs to reduce.

Recipes from Le Bec Fin – Georges Perrier

Asparagus and crab soup – 2 Stars, missing any wow factor

Beef Tenderloin in marrow broth – 2 1/2. Stars, a bit of disappointment


2 thoughts on “They all can’t be 5 star recipes.

  1. sorry it didn’t turn out well, looks good though. I’ve had similar experiences with crab based soups that are just not “crabby” enough. I always assume its because our local crabs are nowhere near as good as our lobsters.


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