2 Stars · Roast Chicken · The Food and Wine of Greece - Diane Kochilas

Our Greek Restaurant is still safe.

Greek restaurants seem to have some serious staying power and longevity. At least the one in our town does. Tonight’s recipe confirmed that it won’t be going away anytime soon. We will still be patronizing it lovingly.

The chicken was OK… but when you stuff a bird with rice prepared before hand, I was expecting to take a ride back to the Pantheon.  Seeing the Greek coastline…blue crystal clear water…a desire to have a shot of Ouzo.  Unfortunately it’s not happening tonight with this recipe.

I have will give the recipe credit for delivering a very moist chicken. It just wasn’t up our alley. Not one of us wanted to have the dish again.  I’m sure other may enjoy it,  just not us.

Yes, I have serious problems trying to truss a chicken. After my embarrassment, I went online and Martha Stewart of all people had a succinct and deadpan demonstration on how to properly truss. I’m a fan.

Constantinople Stuffed Chicken with Rice, Raisins, and Pinenuts from the Food and Wine of Greece – Diane Kochilas

2 1/2 stars


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