4 Stars · Chicken Breast · Dark Beer · The New Best Recipe Cookbook from Cook's Illustrated

Cooking with Beer. Guinness, Onions and Chicken Breast.

Mmmm Beeer…Homer Simpson, I can picture him right now.

Chicken, Onions, and a Guinness Stout. Right after St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Why not and we are all glad we did.  Homer would be proud.

The underage daughter of course sorta winced initially at the idea. She was whistling a different tune with her first bite.

This is a good recipe and one we will definitely do again if we have Guinness or a Newcastle on hand. What is a bit odd is that it’s one of Cooks Illustrated “one off” recipe’s or a tweak from a base recipe. Something that I initially don’t give credence to from the get-go but have slowly been shown the light. Apparently we did the base recipe a while back and enjoyed it as well. Why should a twist be any different

4 1/2 stars
From The New Best Cookbook from Cooks Illustrated


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