5 Stars · Fish · Fish Butter/Sauce · Gourmet Cookbook Vol II 1965

The 70’s still Rock. Mahi Mahi with Newberg Sauce

Check this out. Mahi Mahi, Rice-a-Roni, Frozen Peas and Newberg Sauce.

Such a classic!

I was brought right back to tube socks and Zips on my feet. I know my parents must have done this sauce a bunch in the 70’s because it’s ingrained in the memories of my youth. I think it must have been the sauce of the decade or something like that because it just seems so 1970’s.

Loved it.

What’s even better is seeing one of the kidos instantly liking it. Paired perfectly with rice and peas.

I’m amazed at the simplicity of some of these classic sauces and how powerfully amazing they are. The beauty of simplicity.

Five stars on the sauce for me and the ability to transport the senses.

From the Gourmet Cookbook Vol II. 1965.


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