3 Stars · Leg of Lamb · The Complete Robuchon

Lamb Tagine – Leg of Lamb

This is from the cookbook the Complete Robuchon.  A massive collection of recipes from one of the top French Chefs in the world – Joel Robuchon

Robuchon labeled his book for the home cook, which I whole heartily agree he achieves, but then comes in the Rub. A lot of his dishes in this book are a bit subdued compared to his background and tend to land a bit flat on the table.

The Lamb Tagine perfectly demonstrates this. It is straightforward and on the medium side of difficulty in preparing and uses just two pans. The most difficult part was cleaning the Leg of Lamb and removing the silver skin and producing the 1 1/2 inch cubes. While doing the operation for the first time, it dawned on me why there are so many 7 hr Leg of Lamb roasts out there – Because it is a lot of work trimming out a Leg of Lamb.

On the table I thought the dish was nice but I was a bit disappointed. It lacked any real zing especially being a Moroccan dish and tagine to boot. Nothing really exotic about it. It had me pondering how to really make this dish sing and wondered how the master would have added his touch if he was here. Maybe this is his intention…for us to have an amazingly well constructed base and then to take it in our own direction.

This is the turning out to be the essence of the Complete Robuchon, the cookbook.

3 stars

I will do again but must ponder how to add my own twists. Something that is unfamiliar to me at this stage in cooking. Mission accomplished Mr. Robuchon!


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