4 Stars · Andre Soltner · Lutece · Milk Street Magazine · Rack of Lamb

We all love Racks of Lamb – with Carrot Slaw

Another rack. Another great recipe. Another alternative universe?

Rack of Lamb, Mashed Potato, Carrot Slaw. This could be the next biggest thing since bovine billboards attacking the chicken industry tongue and cheek… It could take America by storm…It’s that good and so much more…and a possible promising new paradigm for Americans. This could be the next greatest concept… (California Lamb Pops)…CLP.  French Lamb Pops just wouldn’t work here.

This could be my calling card. 

Franchise World look out. A Lamb Franchise could be on the horizon. OK, back to earth now.

4 1/2 stars – very close to being as good as my mom’s rack of lamb. So good that I want to incorporate some dijon into her recipe. It could make hers the greatest of all time.

Rack of Lamb from The Lutece Cookbook – Andre Soltner

With grated carrot salad from Milk Street Magazine (4 stars) and Joel Robuchon mashed potatoes (my all time favorite, 5 stars.)


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