4 Stars · Andre Soltner · Fish · Fish Butter/Sauce · Lutece · Vegetables

Cod is not always the best substitute…but a julienned vegetable cream sauce for fish is still nice.

Cod was defrosted in the fridge and I decided to do a recipe that caught my eye but the fish used in the recipe is Pompano. Being on the West Coast, it’s a fish we rarely see. I knew Cod might be a little strong for the recipe but decided to give it a go.

My instinct was correct on this one, just a tad too firm and I did overcook the cod which doubles the trouble.

I think this recipe or style was big in the 1990’s because it’s quite familiar though I haven’t seen it in a while. It’s still really good.

Julienning the veggies is key and I will go even finer next time.

A lighter fish would be perfect. Sole, flounder, and maybe even Mahi Mahi would be great. I’ll try Mahi next.

4 star sauce from Lutece – Andre Soltner


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