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Wahoo for Ono – Unreal Sauce

They really throw us off with all the different names of fish. I’ll let your mind wonder with that one.

What we have found in the house is that we are fans of Ono, or Wahoo, or what ever else it is called. Great grilled and can handle an interesting sauce such as the one we did tonight. An orange tinted cream reduction. So easy and so tasty. A huge hit with all of us. This is one of those Five Star sauces that pair perfectly with Ono and everything else on the plate.

So yes, we subbed out Ono for Red Mullet, and it worked. Of course I would love to try the sauce with the real deal…one of my fav’s Red Mullet.

The potato slices were a bit more difficult though. I didn’t feel like busting out the mandolin and just tried to slice them somewhat thin. The Sky bottle has been in the kitchen forever…glad it finally got some use. The cap worked out perfectly. Was a bit frustrated with the scales but then ended up liking them.

Interesting note is that the potato crusted fish had a totally different taste than the two other filets I did with olive oil and S&P.  I did those two on the grill. The sauce was outstanding with both of them.

Served with quinoa and brown rice with peas. The brown dots are veal demi (veal demi with water and a few drops of lemon.)

Ono with Potato Scales and Orange Cream Reduction.

5 Stars

Eurodelices – Dine with Europe’s Master Chef’s – Fish and Seafood. Recipe by Roger Jaloux, France


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