4 Stars · Andre Soltner · Breakfast Leftovers · Harry's Bar Cookbook · Lutece · Scallops · Vegetables

Scallops with Saffron Cream on top of Eggplant cooked like Mushrooms. 

Let’s start with the Scallops. The French have this down and have perfected all these small variations throughout this modern age. I know it seems so passe to do a lot of fish/shellfish recipes in the French manner, but Oh My, the results are too outstanding. This recipe is along the same vein. Saffron, cream, wine and scallops. Stellar.

From Lutece – Andre Soltner

4 1/2 stars

Eggplant cooked like Mushrooms. How can you not like something with this title? This was fun and easy. I’m going back and forth if I would prefer it with the eggplant skinned, so the next time I do it, the peeler is coming out of the drawer. Then again, having the skin on did harken back to a texture just like a shiitake mushroom.

Though the eggplant was OK with the Scallops and a combo I probably wouldn’t do again in a bowl, a plate just might work.

What was really good were the Eggplant leftovers in the morning. A new favorite for me. Egg on top of Eggplant and muffins. Egg on Eggplant. Yummm

Interesting note as I have another version of this recipe in Sofia Loren’s cookbook. I’ll give her version a try too. It has just a few tweaks.

Eggplant cooked like Mushrooms

From The Harry’s Bar Cookbook – Arrigo Capriani

4 stars


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