Scallops with Eggplant cooked like Mushrooms. 

Lets start with the Scallops. The French have this down and have perfected all these small variations throughout this modern age. I know it seems so passe to do a lot of fish/shellfish recipes in the French manner, but oh my, the results are too outstanding. This recipe is along the same vein. Saffron, cream, wine and scallops. Stellar.

From Lutece – Andre Soltner

4 1/2 stars

Eggplant cooked like Mushrooms. How can you not like something with this title? This was fun and easy. I’m going back and forth if I would prefer it with the eggplant skinned, so the next time I do it, the peeler is coming out of the drawer. Then again, having the skin on did harken back to a texture just like a shitake mushroom. 

Though the eggplant was ok with the Scallops and a combo I probably wouldnt do again in a bowl, a plate just might work.

What was really good were the Eggplant leftovers in the morning. A new favorite for me. Egg on top of Eggplant and muffins. Egg on Eggplant. Yummm

Intersting note as I have another version of this recipe in Sofia Loren’s cookbook. I’ll give her version a try too. It has just a few tweaks.

Eggplant cooked like Mushroom

From The Harry’s Bar Cookbook – Arrigo Capriani

4 stars


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