4 Stars · Pork Tenderloin · Tastes & Treasures - A Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona · Winter Dish

Pork Tenderloin with Rhubarb Pear Chutney and Pinot Demi Glaze

I saw the Rhubarb for the first time in the produce section in our traditional grocery store and had to grab it. I usually have to hit up a specialty store for it. I also knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

We have done this recipe a bunch of times and I almost want to buy a new version of this cookbook because my notes in it look terrible. Wine and lack of proper glasses 🙂

I decided to try this recipe with Pork Chops instead of a Tenderloin this time. I have to say I won’t be making that mistake again. The lack of firmness with the chops from baking them threw it all off. It really needed some searing heat and texture.

Also, this is now an official Winter time only dish. As much as we enjoy it, it really needs to be cool or cold outside. Too much spice or wrong combo for late Spring. It took us in the wrong direction. Our senses were thinking cabins, fireplaces, heavier clothes, while our feet were feeling the bottom of flip-flops. Disconnect and a reminder there is proper place and time for most things. I am happy to have leftover Rhubarb Pear Chutney in the fridge though. 🙂

This is a great cookbook, Taste & Treasures, a Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona. It has recipes from all over Arizona’s storied Hotel’s and Inn’s. If you ever traveled through Arizona or are from the Southwest, you’ll enjoy this one. Plus, there’s a recipe in it for Indian Fry Bread.

I served to tonights rendition in bowl. I’ll never do that again and will permantly stick to serving it on a plate. Mashed potatoes are a must with this dish. Unfortuanlty the asparagus we decided to do with it didn’t jive either. Good learning process though.

The leftover pork is a nice twist in burritos the next day.

Pork Tenderloin with Rhubarb Pear Chutney and Pinot Demi Glace – 4 stars


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