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Tomato and Oregano Tarts – Roger Verge

I love to grow tomatoes in the garden but this year I have only one tomato plant in the garden. It’s a volunteer and I had no idea what variety it would reveal itself to be.

Another reason why it’s a blast growing your own tomatoes is they can be prolific. In so much as they allow you to venture out and try more recipes that wouldn’t be on your radar.

This recipe would have never been a top contender to try but so glad we did. My wife made this one and it came out great with our Better Boy volunteer tomatoes.

We used puff pastry and an interesting side note, a chilled baking sheet made a difference with the puff pastry just like Roger Verge mentioned.

Fun as part as an appetizer plate. We added mozzarella on two of them to try, but the original versions were much better. Home grown tomatoes only.

Tomato and Oregano Tarts

4 stars

From Roger Verge’s Vegetables in the French Style


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