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Shrimp Banh Mi Sliders

This year we decided to ditch the rib cook off we normally do on the 4th of July for something a bit more laid back and casual. We all decided it was slider time. Still quite quintessential Americana and a nice respite to allow us relax and enjoy a Tuesday celebration.

Four different versions were on tap but only three made it to the backyard. We all hit the wall after the third and declared the lamb sliders with blue cheese the winner. My offering would have to wait and being a bit nontraditional…no worries. It did have an eastern flare and at that point we had dessert and fireworks on the horizon.

I think they would have taken the blue ribbon that day. In fact I loved these so much, I had them for lunch…dinner…and even as a snack with the last one which was ready to go wrapped in the fridge. I Dig These Things.

How did I get here? I somehow was fixated on a seafood slider offering when thinking about ideas for our 4th of July cook off. I had nothing in my cookbooks so I hit the Net. This one caught my attention and the eastern twist seemed like it could be a nice palate cleanser with a bunch of unknown slider recipes heading over to our house that day. Spot on and so much more.

Make these!  Note – I used Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce instead of the Sriracha.

4 1/2 stars.

Food and Wine. November, 2016. John Besh, Chris Lusk.



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