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What happened to July?  

July just flew by, and for the most part, was quite the bust dinner wise.

San Diego had a miserably humid July and the kitchen was just plain unpleasant to be in. We didn’t want to turn on the oven, we didn’t want to prep much, but mostly we really didn’t want to even be in the kitchen. One of the most muggiest summers on record. Our motivation got completely zapped.

We did gravitate toward lots of Asian recipes and making Jasmine Rice down to a science. Problem was, alot of the recipes we chose were very unremarkable. The full head scratchers where you’re thinking…how did this make it into the book?…and have I completely chosen the wrong Asian cookbooks? We went on quite a streak of “Never Do Again’s” and lost a bit of faith in some of our books. Quite the pickle.

The books that have produced great Asian dishes typically require alot of ingredients and a run to the Asian Market. Thus in the heat and humidity, we felt resistance grabbing for those books. The easier cookbooks that require less ingredients have not been pulling their weight, so thus, we weren’t excited about reaching for them either.

What it did lead to was…Getting in our car.

We ate out in July more than any other month this year and maybe even more so than all the other months in the year combined. While it was nice sitting in an air conditioned place, we soon remembered why we got into cooking in the first place.  Our restaurant dining experiences were Ho Hum and all came with hefty bills at the end of the night. Hefty being with my thoughts wrapped around what I could have bought for all that money at the grocery store. Heck, the tips alone could have gotten us some great steaks during some specials.

What it is leading us to will be grilling more for the next couple of months. Our cookbooks seemed to be geared towards cooler weather and we were completely unprepared for warm sticky weather. Maybe we should have gone more Vitamix blender style with smoothies etc.? Something for us to ponder because the start of August is seeming to be a bit similar to July.

Our favorite idea and dinner in all of July was a Build Your Own Teriyaki Chicken Bowl that we all seemed to enjoy. We boiled up some Broccoli then used the water to cook and warm up the juilenned Carrots and Water Chestnuts.

The funny part was none of my Asian cookbooks had a recipe for Teriyaki Chicken. Yakatori, yes, but not the American Teriyaki Chicken Bowl style that some of us have seemed to embrace and which I love.

I was able to find a version on the New York Times Food website and we all enjoyed the thick sweet syrupy glaze that worked out perfectly on the warm summer night. Oh the sugar…but isn’t that what’s summer all about?

4 stars for the Teriyaki Glaze.



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