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King Crab…three different ways.

This turned out to be my Wife’s Birthday Extravaganza. It didn’t start that way though. The crab was originally planned for New Year’s Eve with Crab Cocktails over at a friends house for their party. Our eldest daughter got food poisoning the night before from a bad outing of sushi with her friend, so we… Continue reading King Crab…three different ways.

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Shrimp Pajeon “Korean Street Food” and a Knockout Pear Sauce

The first recipe of 2018 turned out to be an initial dud but with some serious redeeming elements. The Pear Sauce! Five big stars for the combination of Shrimp and Pears. I had a few uncooked shrimp leftover from pre prepping the recipe, and after dinner was over, I sautéed them up with a basic… Continue reading Shrimp Pajeon “Korean Street Food” and a Knockout Pear Sauce

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Christmas Turkey

There are just some things you can rely on. One being Cooks Illustrated producing a solid recipe for the staples. They provided the guidance on the Turkey as well as the gravy with their gravy stealing the show again. The Turkey was fantastic as well. I served two gravies this year. One being their base… Continue reading Christmas Turkey

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Christmas Morning Greek Spinach Quiche/Pie

This was a hit! Place in the oven before unwrapping presents then wall’a…Breakfast is served. 4 stars Greek Spinach Pie – Tastes Treasures – A Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona

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Beef Tenderloin “Boiled” with Red Wine Sauce – Christmas Eve

When I told the family I wanted to boil beef tenderloin for Christmas Eve, I’m sure they thought I was hitting the other “sauce” a bit too hard and heavy. This recipe made them all believers. The big benefit was it all came together fairly easy and was fantastic. I did break the sauce though.… Continue reading Beef Tenderloin “Boiled” with Red Wine Sauce – Christmas Eve

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KFC gravy for breakfast…?

We hit KFC about once a year and I think the main reason is it’s just too much “Much” for us. We switched to extra crispy style years ago because the original 11 herbs and spices are just a few ingredients too many for us. That’s the first “Much,” …the other “Much’s” are the mashed… Continue reading KFC gravy for breakfast…?

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A quick scallop appetizer

This is the first time experiencing when a sauce alone needs an ingredient on the plate to come together…well that was my take and first thoughts. Trying the sauce alone before it’s placed on the plate, I thought that it was going to be a dud. So you just got to keep moving forward, what… Continue reading A quick scallop appetizer